Even In The Dark

These paintings speak of the connectedness of all things: the idea that we are never truly separated, even when we feel utterly alone. Nothing exists in isolation. No amount of darkness or uncertainty can extinguish the network of light that runs through everything.  I need to make these paintings in order to remind myself that this network extends further than we can sense or understand. In the same way that I know, on cloudy nights, the stars are still there overhead, and in the winter, life surges on beneath the barren-looking soil. 

No matter what happens on the face of it, Even when damages are done, Even when my familiar shape is gone, Find me underground.

Trees teach us so much. We have started to understand how they communicate with one another, protect one another, and feed one another: through a collaborative partnership with fungal mycelium networks. They have known from the start that they can not survive alone. Nor can we. We need to stop pretending that we are independent entities, and start respecting and collaborating with the wider network of life that gives us our very breath.