In her studio in East Sussex, Rose-Marie Caldecott is creating paintings that fuse together a formal and a fluid style, featuring details of gardens, landscapes and the domestic environment.

Born and raised in Oxford, she studied Fine Art at Falmouth University, graduating with a first in 2014 and was nominated for Saatchi’s New Sensations that same year . She has exhibited throughout England, and has works in private collections internationally.

Artist Statement

‘I create paintings that contemplate how we negotiate a life in flux. Working in formal oils over abstract acrylic pours, I combine these very different painting processes in order to spark a dialogue between the two: a balance between that which I can control, and that which I cannot.

Although we are part of nature, we also find ourselves at odds with it because of our desire for control. We have the power to influence the world around us, to temporarily contain what might otherwise overwhelm us. I am interested in creating paintings that describe our desire to mask the chaotic aspects of life which threaten our sense of stability. I play with the fragility of boundaries and borders, the structures we create within nature and like to think of as fixed or permanent.

I wish to depict life in motion, moments in process. I paint to reveal the fluidity and complexity that help to define ‘life’. I wish to inspire myself, and the viewer, to find balance in a fluctuating existence; to soften the edges of our frames, and live at peace with the unknown that lies beyond them. ’